Sight, Taste and Hearing Compensation


Injuries involving total loss of vision and hearing combined are considered as one of the most serious kinds of injuries.  Awards in the region of £265,000 can be made.  Total loss of sight only can result in an award in the region of £175,000.

For a loss of sight in one eye with reduced vision in the other awards vary from £42,000 to £118,000 depending on risk to the remaining eye and any additional problems e.g double vision.

If your accident has resulted in the total loss of one eye the award ranges from £36,000 to £43,000.  However, if you just lose the sight in one eye the award level reduces to £32,250 to £36,000. For permanent but not complete loss of sight in one eye the awards range from £8,250 - £25,750 depending on the extent of the damage.

For minor injuries such as being struck in the eye, exposure to smoke, splashed in the eye etc. or transient eye injuries  where you are likely to recover completely, the award range is £1,450 to £5,750.


When considering hearing loss, the term deafness is used to describe both total or partial hearing loss.

Total deafness and loss of speech can result in an award of £72,000 to £92,000.  For the total loss of hearing in one ear, the award range is £20,500 to £30,000.  Partial hearing loss is sometimes referred to as Tinnitus.  Tinnitus is usually related to exposure to noise over a period of time. Awards for Tinnitus range from £4,850 to £8,250 for slight damage, through to £19,500 to £30,000 for severe Tinnitus.

Taste & Smell

Injuries that affect your ability to taste and smell can result in awards from £12,600 to £16,400 for just loss of taste, to in the region of £25,750 for a total loss of taste and smell.

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